Thursday, December 13, 2007

More PowerFest Strongman Questions

1. What are the weights?

    Log - 225 Pounds
    Farmer's Hold - 150 perhand on 1.5-inch rolling handles
    Axle Deadlift - 450 pounds
    Sandbag - 200 pounds
    Truck - Full Size Pick-up Truck

2. Is it an open weight, or weight classed?

    This is one big open class with no weight divisions.


Size of the Log?

Someone wrote in asking about the log we are going to be using at the Strongman Contest. In the press event at PowerFest, we will be using a 12-inch log. The handles are about 1.5 inches thick and they are powder coated.

If you do not have a log to train on, you can use a bar or axle, but understand that because of the girth of the log, you must arch back more with the log racked. So you should load your bar or axle up heavy for the press in your training.

Also, work on front squats and heavy partial front squats. After all that is the motion you use in the dip portion of the log press.

See you at PowerFest.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Answers to some questions

Several have asked what the weight will be for the farmers at the Powerfest Diesel Strongman Contest.

The Farmers are going to be in the neighborhood of 150 lbs. The handle is 1.5 inches thick and they rotate, so don't underestimate them. The farmers were fabricated from old pieces of a printing press and look like brake rotors on the ends. I'll try to get a picture up, if it becomes available.

Also, I have some information on the Truck pull. There will be one truck that is pulled and another that is stationary, to use for rigging the hand pull rope to. They will be full size pick-ups. Train hard and make it a speed event.

As always, let me know if there are any other questions.